Friday, July 23, 2010

T Minus 3

Three days til I launch the train trip, but really hours til I leave home base. What to pack for multiple time zones and climates and one smallish suitcase? Hmmm? And add running gear? Yikes! I'll be looking for laundromats, that's for sure! First stop, California, S.F. area, east and west bay to connect with family and friends. Blast off for Portland, OR evening of 7/26.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

choo choo

The Would-Be decided she could be and is going on a rails adventure this summer, which will include 10 states I've never traversed. Most will be whistle stops, but I'll spend some quality time in Oregon, Montana, and New Mexico (virgin territory) and old friend California, seeing relatives and friends along the way. Leaving the work world behind for three weeks, gonna write, read, and plan future escapes. maybe even check in from time to time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

International Living

I recently subscribed to get an e-mail "postcard"-a-day from an outfit called International Living. Dangerous territory for me. Today's post was all about cheap, oceanfront property in northeast Brazil! I am SO there! But wait......details will be revealed in a $79 booklet called "Brazil: The Owner's Manual" or at the International Real Estate Investment Forum 2010. Nuts. Anybody else got (free) hot tips about the good life on the little island of Itamerica?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The would-be-adventuress checks in

I love to travel.I hardly ever get to travel. A few years ago spouse and I gave up our moderately lucrative careers for the sort of do-gooder jobs that keep us in cheap chardonnay and 12-year-old Volvos, but afford precious little extra for travel on the scale for which I long. For what little traveling I have done, I have the dubious talent of extrapolating any positive experience to dreams of permanent residence. My first stop on any vacation is to the little sidewalk boxes with the real estate guides. I've "bought" apartments in Paris and Montreal, cotteges inIreland, lofts in NYC and Boston, beach houses on the coasts of Maine and Cape Cod, farmhouses on Prince Edward Island... you get the idea. Actually, scratch P.E.I. How many caleighs can one endure? Been there, done that, bought the potato poster. I've already extrapolated this initial blog posting to sponsorships from travel magazines, a book, talk show appearances......It's a kind of loopy, unjustified optimism, or maybe just a boundless enthusiasm for what could be and what's out there to see, for a would-be-adventuress like me. So, I'll be writing about travels, travel plans (probably more plans than travels) and maybe even a little time-traveling back to past experiences. I invite your comments and especially accounts of your own travels. Gotta be ready for anything!